The Process



Contact me on this site or at with your contact information and a brief description of your project. I prefer to have our initial consultation using a live conversational method - Discord, Google Chat, texting, Skype, Facetime, and telephone are all options - but we can handle this step over email if you prefer. We will discuss your project and needs, any deadlines, and my availability.

Test Edit

For any project not covered under my set rates, I will request a sample of your work for a test edit. I will copyedit the sample in order to get an idea of the amount of work your project will need so that I can give you an accurate estimate; you will also have the opportunity to review the test edit in order to ensure that you are satisfied with my work. I am also happy to offer brief sample edits to anyone considering hiring me for set rate RPG copyediting work.

I will return your test edit to you along with an estimate and my expected completion date. For work of less than $50, accepting my estimate signals acceptance of my Terms & Conditions and will expect payment within 14 days of delivery of your edited manuscript. For $50 or more worth of work, I will send you a contract to sign before I begin editing and require a 50% downpayment, with the remainder due within 14 days of delivery of your edited manuscript.


As I will use track changes while editing your work, I request that files be sent to me  as Word documents, as RTF, or via Google Docs. I reserve the right to add a fee for work sent in any other format, such as PDF or GM Binder, to cover the work of file conversion.

During my work, I will do at least two full rounds of editing before returning the marked copy to you. I may need to ask you questions to clarify certain issues I come across in editing; how promptly you are able to respond will obviously impact how quickly I am able to complete the edit. 


Once you are able to review my edits, I will be available to discuss any questions you may have. Any further rounds of editing would be negotiated separately at this time.